1. A

    Polar Pro ND filters VS Polar Pro polarized ND filters

    I use my P4P mainly to shoot video. I recently purchased polarpro's Artisan Collection which comes with ND32/PL, ND64/PL and ND128/PL. I was reading somewhere on the internet about rotating the filter to get the best results and i don;'t know what that means ecaxtly. Question i am asking did i...
  2. SoCalDude


    {since I didn't know how to delete a post (especially a thread-starting post), I'm pseudo-deleting this thread until an admin can cleanly remove it}
  3. Noble 1

    For Sale Phantom 4 with LOTS of UPGRADES $999

    This has been sold. Thanks for looking. Phantom 4 Quadcopter - excellent condition Controller with Range Extender Charger & 2 Batteries Mint Cinema Series Polar Pro ND & Polarizer kit Mint Taco ND filter kit Tablet/Phone sunshade Extended Landing gear LowPro CS DroneGuard Backpack...
  4. Skyler King III

    Polarizing filter...How to attach?

    I bought a polarization filter that says it's for Phantom 3/4. How does it attach? (I feel like an idiot asking this) ; )
  5. Bartzonio

    Polar Pro ND Filters and still picture shooting

    Hey everybody ! I have just tried my new filters from PolarPro. It is the vivid collection from cinema series. Its been a nice evening and I´m just impressed how much difference can actually polarized nd filters do. It is my first set of nd filters on my P3A so I cannot really compare what the...
  6. R

    Which Phantom 3 Professional filter and polarizer?

    Hey guys! Just wondering if this is a good filter set. Also if it's good that each filter is polarized. Other Neewer products have pretty good reviews. I know polar pro is leading brand but it's a bit pricey for what you get in my opinion. Let me know what you guys think! Amazon.com ...
  7. Drone Alps

    Polarizing filters explained?

    ⚫ Polarizing filters>> Are there any good videos explaining when to use them and how to ensure they are correctly aligned? More importantly, I'd like to see some comparison videos, because from my experiments I see little difference! Thanks :)
  8. P

    Polarizer filter - any gimbal issues?

    Hello, I´ve bought a circular polarizing filter for my P3A, but I need some advice. Is the weight difference between factory UV (2g) and my CPL (5,5g) any problem for the gimbal? May it cause any issues with gimbal motors? Should I use some counterweight, or just make gimbal calibration with CPL...
  9. D

    Polar Pro Phantom 3 Filter Pack

    Brand new Polar Pro filter pack for the phantom 3. I got this for Christmas but sold my drone. Never been used. I think I may actually be able to just return these for full refund but I'm putting them on here in the mean time. PL1 Polarizer ND4 ND8 New in box. $50 Shipped.