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    POLL (Polar Pro filter users): Would you use a ND2 filter for P4P?

    Now that we have a 1" sensor camera on the P4P, I find myself enjoying f2.8 for DOF control with close work video. However, the Polar Pro line of filters does not offer anything under an ND4 (CP). The difference between naked and ND4 doesn't always give me the control I need to keep a 180º...
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  4. N

    SOLD!!! Polar Pro Filters for P3S - set of 3

    SOLD... THANKS! So, I ordered the wrong filters (I have a P3P) and have no use for these. Brand new in box, polarizer, ND4, and ND8. $25 shipped in US. Thanks! NOTE: Polar Pro Item # P8001. These are the push-on filters for the P3 Standard. They are not for the P3A or P3P.
  5. Cactus Wren

    Polar Pro filters - bad glass on 1/good cust. service

    I bought a set of Polar Pro's vivid series filters for my Phantom 4, and recently had one of them go really bad in a really strange way. There was some "crinkling" that appeared on the inside of the outer polarizer glass. From the photo you can see that it looks like some kind of weird...
  6. Wolffboy

    Polar Pro Filter Installation - Removing Stock Lens Cover

    Apologies if this is covered in another thread - I couldn't find it. I received my set of Polar pro filters but I have been unable to remove the stock lens cover from my P4 I have twisted as hard as I can with my bare hands, but I don't want to slip and damage the gimbal. Any advice is...
  7. b2photo

    Worth getting Polar Pro 6-pack?

    Is it worth getting the Polar Pro 6-pack of filters vs. the 3-pack? Not sure how often I would use the ND32 (but guess that could come in handy). Does anyone have experience using the ND8-PL or ND16-PL and have noticed a significant difference over using just a ND filter? Seems like those three...
  8. Dramface460

    Which cloth is best to use for phantom camera lens

    hey I have a few of these real thin and soft camera lens cloths and I have microfiber cloths. Should I stick with the thin camera lens cloths for cleaning or does it matter what I use? I have the vivid series polar pro lens' and want to make sure they are cleaned the correct way. Thansk ya all
  9. Phantomix

    All Polar Pro Filters Test (Video)

    I made a video testing most of the PolarPro filters. The only other ones are ones that are not commonly used like the ND64. I used these two packs: DJI Phantom 4 / Phantom 3 Professional Filter 6-Pack DJI Phantom 4 / Phantom 3 Graduated Filter Set And yes, I am 13 I tested: No filter Central...