point of interest

  1. V

    Litchi Point of Interest Not Centering Properly

    I am a bit new to droning and using the Litchi app, which I find to be a great tool, and I have a question about Litchi. I have used the Litchi app on a couple of jobs, one a golf course and the other for real estate. I also teach an aviation class at a high school and had my kids use the app to...
  2. electriclife

    Terra Magnifica - A Relaxing Cinematic Aerial Video Filmed in 4K In Europe

    A stress relief and relaxing aerial 4k video filmed in Italy and Switzerland, featuring the Susten Pass, the Matterhorn, the Stelvio Pass, Lake Maggiore, Hasliberg, Sardegna, Polto Quatu, Lago d'Orta, the Mottarone, the San Gottardo, Val Formazza, Gressoney, Sud Tirolo, Isola Bella, Tuscany...
  3. Lindsaybev

    Is POI available for P4A?

    Is the P4A DJI Go app different from the one to the P4P? Am I not allowed to use the Point of Interest orbiting mode in my P4A app? That seemed like such a cool feature.
  4. P

    Keep camera trained on center in POI

    Just tried POI for the first time. It works, but I wanted the camera to stay trained on the center of the circle during the entire lap. How do I make that work? Thanks.
  5. bobomet

    Point of Interest Not Working

    I've been away for a little while, travelling with a video crew in South America, and couldn't take my Phantom 3 Pro. I'm trying to set up a POI flight, and am set up for "Enable Multi Mode". I'm following a video tutorial from a couple years ago, and am finding that switch to "F" mode is not...
  6. Green Phantom

    Britains Swizzels Sweets Factory / Mill in 2.7k - Really proud of this

    Hi Everyone I have made a video for Swizzels Sweets factory in England. They are Britain's largest Family owned confectionery company and i am proud to to produced this video. I spent a lot of time making this fairly short video and used some new angles and features which i had not done yet so...
  7. Kevinusma

    Point of Interest speed

    The DJI Go App doesn't seem to offer a way to adjust the speed of the drone in Point of Interest mode. Am I missing something? It allows you to adjust the altitude and the radius, but below those options the speed adjustment bar is not showing up. The drone orbits at like 1mph now. Way too slow!
  8. Angus Macsac

    RELOADED - Point Of Interest (POI) Mode Instructional Video

    VIDEO RELOADED (wouldn't ya know it!, started youtube upload and went away, come back this morning and see it stuck at 10% LOL Link should work now) Thought I'd try an instructional video - this one's using POI (Point Of Interest) built-in mode/function on the DJI app using my Phantom 3 Advanced.
  9. RCLifeOn

    How to Use Point of Interest - Video

    Hopefully someone will find this video helpful of how to use the point of interest with your DJI Phantom. For anyone who doesn't know, the point of interest (PoI) makes your Phantom fly in a perfect circle around an object. This makes a very interesting and cinematic effect!
  10. D

    Point of Interest

    I've used the POI numerous times with no issue, but tried to use it a little bit ago, and after switching to F-mode, I never got the menu to choose between POI, Follow me, etc. Tried it several more times, still nothing. Any ideas?
  11. N

    Beach Vibes - testing POI with the DJI Phantom 3 Standard

    I couldn't believe the light when I arrived at the beach, it was a great opportunity to fly and to capture some breathtaking views of the beach and my wife and kids playing in the water. It was also one of my most relaxed flights so far, as I'm starting to get used to the controls of the drone...