places to fly

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    Phoenix Flagstaff Tucson

    I am going to be traveling in the above areas of Arizona and I would appreciate any suggestions for locations where I can capture great landscapes. I understand it is illegal to fly in the state parks and it looks like almost everywhere I’d like to film is a state park. I’m also wondering if you...
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    P3A Places to Fly in Jacksonville, FL

    Hello, I have had my P3A for about a year now and love all that it offers. I was wondering if anybody knew of some really good places to fly the drone in Jacksonville, FL. I have flown at the beach many times and once over the river. Any advice on cool places to fly in JAX? Thanks, Tyler
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    where can i fly my P4 round the Bay Area

    hey guys, so i live in the bay area and i would like to know where are some good places to go fly and get some good footage around. it can be anywhere around.