pixelated image

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    Video transmission is pixilated noise

    Hello, I am somewhat of a newbie and trying to trouble shoot a tech problem with my Phantom 4 Pro+ and hoping your expertise can help. The aircraft was flying fine for awhile until a few days ago I powered it up and it and the image on the RC screen was very pixelated and broken up. RC...
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    Fuzzy camera; PLEASE HELP!

    Hi. I am a pretty new phantom pilot, got my drone in december, and am recently have been having camera issuea for a month. The camera gets fuzzy during daytime. I dont know how to fix it. Please do not say that there was a magnetic field interference because there wasnt with the other videos and...
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    3D Noise Reduction In Phantom 4 Pro and DJI GO app 4.0

    Hey guys. I am trying to get in contact with someone that has a similiar setup to mine so a Phantom 4 pro and an android Phone with the DJI GO app installed. I see some small artifacting in the recorded video similar to what i've seen some people reporting with the Phantom 4 non pro. They talk...