1. Hivemapper

    Mapping contest - Use your DJI drone to win up to $3000

    I thought you all might be interested in this contest my company is putting on: We’re looking for DJI pilots to try building a 3D map at Hivemapper.com. All you need to do is fly around any area you want to map and upload your video. It can be anything from a quick orbit around your house to...
  2. R

    orthomosaic slicing

    Hi, i have a pretty big orthomosaic from an unknown source. Can it be sliced back to get all thoose aerial images which were stiched to create it.
  3. M

    Printing Orthomosaics

    I was wondering how people print their orthomosaic images. I am just starting out with Drone Deploy and Pix4D and I would like to print one of my orthomosaic images and was wondering how best to do that.
  4. E

    Phantom 4 Advanced for surveying and mapping

    Good evening all, Today I used third party software such as pix4d to fly a grid mission with my phantom 4 advanced. Majority of the images are blurry except the ones at the end of the grid. in DJI Go4 app, I had set the settings to auto detect the required parameters before the flight. Within...
  5. M

    How are you getting your height measurements ? (for buildings / roofs)

    Hi folks, How are you getting your height measurements ? (for buildings / roofs) One option is going through the Drone deploy browser and drawing lines on 2d. An auto cad option ? (measuring height in point cloud of auto cad looks tedious) Virtual Surveyor has a height measurement tool...
  6. W

    Pix 4D range for P3 Standard

    I'm flying a stock phantom 3 in Europe using Pix4D This uses wifi to fly the routes - so I was wondering what sort of range I might get. Will it be better than the approx 500m I got from the Vision 2 plus?
  7. D

    Effects of skewed imagery when processing?

    I am trying to process some data from a DJI Inspire and the images were taken at about a 20 degree angle to the direction of travel, as in below: The left picture is what you think the photo alignment should look like, but the images we have were taken like the diagram on the right. Does the...
  8. AndersE

    Pix4D and measuring points per meter

    I tried Pix4D for volume measurements. And it works great. But I like to understand how many "measuring points" I get per square meter with a given GSD. Lets say that the GSD is 4cm. I think this is the answer: 100/4=25 (100cm/GSD=measuring points per meter) 25x25=625 (measuring points per...
  9. W

    NDVI lens swap for DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ - peau productions

    Hi, I was looking at installing and NDVI lens from peau productions into my existing vision+ camera body. I was wondering if anyone had tried this and what kind of results they had got. They show you how to install it here: My plan was to use Pix4D to process the images - and QGIS to do...
  10. Kevinusma

    Pix4d and Sketchfab

    I am experimenting with 3d modeling using my drone photos and had my first semi-successful mission the other day in Virginia. Check out the model of the Workhouse Arts Center, a converted prison: Barracks by Pix4D SA. - 3D model I took 150 jpgs of the grounds, including about 75 in a grid...
  11. AntonioDavideMarcello

    Pix4D Capture for iOS 7.2.1

    Where I can find and download the Pix4D Capture APP for an iPhone 4 with iOS 7.1.2? Does it work fine? I need it for my DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus 3.0.
  12. W

    Aerial mapping software advice - pix4D ? Advice please

    Hi - I need to do some mapping with my DJI Phantom 2 Vision+. Just basic maps of wildlife reserves from multiple images. I've had a go with the free pix4D app and it's really good: Mission_00002_0001 by Pix4D SA. - 3D model Does anyone know of any other software that works with this model of...
  13. V

    P4 for mapping or P3P?

    Hi, I am surveyor and want buy a Phantom in order to use it for mapping and 3D modelling. I can't decide which to buy, the Phantom 4 or the Phantom 3 Adv/Pro. I like the extended battery of the P4, but I read in the forums that the real battery life is about the same with the P3P. If this is...
  14. eaglescout


    Great after researching the pix4d app I decided I would give it a try. Mistake my pv2+ took off and hovered then became unstable at about 100' the crash wasn't pretty looking at a separated gimbal and bent arm and broken prop sucks!