1. Jasonrowphoto

    Misty Dawn Over Brighton Pier: Another 4am Start

    Taken on a late April morning in 2018. I arrived in Brighton at around 4.30am and it was so foggy you could barely see 5m ahead. I decided to see if the early mist would clear and luckily for me, it did.
  2. impurenergy

    Luxury Condos and Yacht riddled coast of Jakarta. Enjoy!!!

    Feedback welcome. Its my best work to date but any feedback would be welcome. Especially criticism. I am picking up a lot of tricks from watching videos from th eforum so keep posting them! Thanks in advance.
  3. SoCalDude

    More from my Huntington Beach Pier Collection...

    Huntington Beach Pier ...
  4. N

    Huntington Beach/Surfing Drone Footage (PHANTOM 4)

  5. N

    Huntington Beach/Surfing Drone Footage (PHANTOM 4)

  6. N

    The Ocean From Above (PHANTOM 4)

  7. N

    The Ocean From Above (PHANTOM 4)

  8. N

    Huntington Beach/Surfing Drone Footage (PHANTOM 4)

  9. SoCalDude

    Supermoon and Pier

    I flew my drone out over the ocean to photograph the "Supermoon" on Monday evening. Drone cameras aren't the best for very distant objects, such as supermoons, but here is the result of my flight. The orange tone of the moon was very evident being low on the horizon. That evening, my bird had...
  10. Wolffboy

    P4 Over Santa Monica Pier

    My first flight over the ocean...
  11. J

    SANTA MONICA PIER (TRIBUTE TO FRANCE) | Phantom 4 4K Drone Video

    Santa Monica pier lit up with the colors of France! For more, check out DroneOnJohn on YouTube.

    English Riviera sunrise

    Early sunrise on the English Riviera