1. S

    Surveying and Mapping with P4P and Photoscan

    I am a surveyor and have done several small projects and test flights with my P4P with GCPS - processed with Photoscan. I have had really impressive results horizontally but the verticals have never worked. My processed horizontal and vertical residuals have come out well but when you pick...
  2. D

    Effects of skewed imagery when processing?

    I am trying to process some data from a DJI Inspire and the images were taken at about a 20 degree angle to the direction of travel, as in below: The left picture is what you think the photo alignment should look like, but the images we have were taken like the diagram on the right. Does the...
  3. wdejager

    Using a drone to create a 3D model of an original Dutch windmill

    Last week I have been experimenting with creating 3D models of a building, using photos made with my Phantom 3 Professional in POI intelligent flight mode and a piece of software called Agisoft PhotoScan. I decided to experiment on a traditional Dutch windmill ('Bovenmolen Nieuwe...