1. CalvinHobbes

    West Phoenix/Buckeye Skyline Park-- Let's fly!

    I'm new here. I have some phantom 4 pro's. 2 pair white DJI goggles, 1 pair black DJI google RE with HDMI splitter for all to watch together. Looking to hangout and fly even if you don't own one. Let's go...!
  2. M

    Phantom 3 standard Photography

    I recently purchased a Phantom 3 Standard. I have a few clients that are willing to pay me for a few photos of their house. Probably 10 photos total. How much should I charge? I have 10 Hours flight time total. I am 15 and live in Arizona. I am pretty good with my drone.
  3. Danoldo

    Hello to all from Phoenix, Arizona

    Hello to everyone! My name is Brad and am a 33 year old male in Phoenix, AZ. I just purchased my first drone the Phantom 4 Pro + and will be doing a maiden voyage here shortly today. Thanks to all in this forum for any support or information in advance!
  4. FlyGary

    Wild Horses in Salt River Arizona

    This started out as Litchi pano mission for sunset and turned into something totally different. A team of wild horses out for an evening splash on the Salt River NE of Phoenix. Altitude was around 50 and they were oblivious to the P4. I wish I could say I had planned this but I didn't know I...