phanton 3 advanced

  1. R

    P3A upgrade to v1.10.90 resulted in the buzz of death

    If this has already been resolved, what is the best way to search for it? I have gone through the procedure of formating the SD card in the Phantom, going to the PC placing the unzipped v1.10.90 bin file into the root of the directory, bringing it back to the P3A and sliding it in until it...
  2. AbcDrone

    Dji Tenth Year Anniversary Sale - DJI Phantom 3 Standard, Advanced and 4K.

    To celebrate There 10 year anniversary Dji are offering a phenomenal sale on the DJI Phantom 3 Standard, Advanced and 4K at Dji Anniversary Sale
  3. G

    Calibrating the phanton 3 advanced

    Hey guys, my first day with my phanton, well I love it, I just perform a imu calibration after walking around the house looking for a nice place to do it, a ceramic floor, check with an app for level and magnetic fields, everything seems ok, I also perform a gimbal auto calibration, I update the...