phantom4 advanced

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    No video feed on brand new P4A+

    Hi y’all this is my first drone so I’ve been looking forward to using it. I’m able to fly the drone and control it but I don’t have any video feed and i’m unable to take videos and photos. When I try to see the photo I’ve taken the album will not load and just cycles endlessly. I’ve installed...
  2. Pixies Channel.

    Just a few photo's from my Phantom 4

    I have edited a few of these photo's but not all of them, I'm still learning but I do like this Editing thing with Lightroom.
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    P 4 Pro Vs. P 4 Advanced. What is the Difference?

    To me they are both the P 4 Pro and the P 4 Advanced are amazing drones. The camera on both drones have strong sensors. I was a little surprised that there was a P 4 Advanced coming out. How does it rate against the P 4 Pro?