1. J

    Phantom 3 Backpack with room for a 13" laptop?

    Hey! I'm hoping someone could put me in the direction of a good backpack (not hardshell) that can hold a 13" MacBook Pro 2017 and possibly a DSLR (no immediate demand for that). I've seen a few but nothing really stands out for me! For example, the Blackember V4 jet-set travel kit: V4 MODULAR...
  2. C

    If im flying my p3 at top speed could it flip

    If I'm flying my phantom 3 standard at top speed and let go of the stick real fast is it possible that it will flip?
  3. Brad.C

    Phantom 3 Standard and Samsung Gear Vr

    Hi there, I know there have been many discussions on this but I was hoping for further insight from a Phantom 3 Standard Owner. I currently have a Samsung Galaxy S7 as well as the Samsung Gear VR. I am looking to use my Gear VR with my Phantom 3 Standard to experience FPV with a...
  4. M

    Phantom 3 Standard Lightbridge,Let's mod it together

    to be honest,i'm wasn't happy with the range of p3s,I saw on youtube with the title 'clonning lightbridge to P3S' and there are instructions to execute sh, but we have to put the script into the file system , but now can not access the firmware 1.7.9 via ftp as usual, we have to 'manual' ftp, is...
  5. sinxa

    Litchi initiated RTH instead of Go to 1st Waypoint.

    After a long read on reviews and tutorials for a couple weeks, i've made first Litchi WP mission this morning. Some known issues about gimbal pitch during mission does exist. I guess those pitch settings (Focus POI, interpolate) only works when the drone has contact with the controller. Once...
  6. M

    Phantom 3 Parts - including those not available New from DJI

    Phantom 3 Parts - Not available New from DJI. Phantom 3 Parts - Not available New from DJI | Miscellaneous Goods | Gumtree Australia Adelaide Hills - Bridgewater | 1113071271 DJI have decided not to provide full parts support for the Phantom 3 Standard, as a result, the only way to get some of...
  7. B

    Phantom 3 standard pelican case problem

    Hi so I just got the pelican IM2600 case for my phantom 3 standard and everything is great the controller just does not fit. Do you guys have and solutions? Thanks
  8. D

    Phantom 3 standard distance max

    Hi all I bought the p3s recently (should have bought the advanced)! What would you say would be a normal travelling distance for the p3s with no modifications to the remote or no signal feet by the way as thats what i fly in. Ive had maximum distance of around 1200 feet. I...
  9. T

    1080p at 48fps

    Hello, Sorry if there is already a thread about this. Is the 1080p at 48fps (I've seen this described some places) a firmware upgrade? I havn't been able to find it on my Phantom 3 Standard. Thanks. -Stephen