1. S

    Will the windsurfer range extender makes livefeed more stable?

    Does the windsurfer range extenders from amazon (skyreats)makes also the livefeed from my iPad mini 2 more stable? Sometimes my livefeed is freezing for 3 secs and it will be back to normal and when it freezes(im doing for about 1000ft distance and 350ft altitude and then im panicking lol. And...
  2. A

    Where too fly??

    Hi guys/girls, recently got a phantom 3 pro but i dont know of any good places too take it in the Suffolk/Norfolk area of England. Any ideas? Thanks
  3. N

    Lost Image Transmition Signal

    Hey guys, so I have a Phantom 3 Pro and lately when I've been flying the drone loses Image Transmition Signal at only 600 feet away. Today I took off in my front lawn, flew to about 300 feet altitude and flew forward... At only around 5 or 6 hundred feet in distance I lost image transmition...
  4. jaseman007

    Hi there from Brisbane, Australia

    Hey everyone! My name is Jason and I picked up my P3 Professional just over a week ago. Coming from an RC Aircraft Background I found the transition smooth. Spent the week practicing and uploaded a couple of quick test videos to Youtube. Feel free to subscribe @ Jason Maley Anyway, glad to...
  5. E

    Near crash after Warning:Propulsions output is limited

    Hey guys I am relatively new to flying my phantom 3 prof ( ~5 months) and yesterday was the first major close call I had. I was flying around lake tahoe and my first two flights were uneventful. As soon as I took off for the third I got a warning that the propulsion output was limited to protect...
  6. M

    Aspen Colorado P3P

    Took a very short video today in Aspen Colorado. My hands went numb before I could get anything to interesting but I figured id post it anyway.
  7. C

    Experience Reel Thailand

    The past few weeks I have been working during free time to compile a video featuring my aerial cinematography. The following video showcases my travels throughout Thailand including Phuket, Chiang Mai, Doi Inthanon, Mae Hong Son, Kanchanaburi, and Ayutthaya. Many of the places I flew were under...