phantom3 pro


    dji go (p3) or new dji pilot?

    hi. i'm new i write for a suggestion i ever enjoy my phantom 3 4k pro whit a smartphone , a xiaomi mi mix2, never ever issues, now i buy a tablet, a lenovo m10fhd +, the app dji go crash whit the tab... ah i made the stupid of stupid things.. i try to use litchi.. about 1 km @ 60 meters...
  2. E

    DJI Phantom 3 Pro & Flight planning

    I am new to drones but I am very knowledgeable in geospatial technology. I want to know if it is possible to plan flights using other shapes than areas (polygons). To be more specific, I want to know if it is possible to plan a flight using a polyline and if I can assign unique altitudes to each...
  3. S

    P3P remote signal booster. Make the signal more stable?

    hi. I just purchased my p3p . I just want to ask if a RC signal booster will make my signal more stable? If so, maybe you could suggest some good brand of signl booster that can be purchase thru amazon US? Thanks!
  4. R

    Phantom 3 4K rc and ipad connections

    Hey guys quick short... I just bought the phantom 3 4k, and i didnt know the ipad it needs to be connect it by wifi. My question is, theres no way to connect the rc and the ipad direct, with out using the wifi? Help please.
  5. Energy Guy

    Puget Sound Views

    Just a few recent flights over a few local bays in southern Puget Sound.
  6. M

    Flat gimbal cable

    does anyone know where to physically buy a flat gimbal cable near the Lake Tahoe area? Thanks.
  7. 3

    Phantom 3 Pro -- Barely used

    Phantom 3 professional. Barely used and in superb condition. No battery (keeping it) but comes with everything else including box and recipt from DJI. $800. Complete with battery with under 5 cycles - $900
  8. Sessão Oldschool de Skateboard on Vimeo

    Sessão Oldschool de Skateboard on Vimeo

    [English] Aerial footage from an old school session of skateboard, here in Brazil, to be more precisely the is known by Campon, in São Bernardo, São Paulo. An ordinary summer afternoon, lots of sun and plenty of concrete to skate. Thanks to all my friends who are part of the video, which came with
  9. chapsrlz

    Chapultepec Castle dronie / 4k, 2,185 ft

    another dronie, now over the Chapultepec Castle in Mexico City enjoy :) comments?
  10. M

    Flying in Antarctica Help

    Hey, I might be taking a trip to Antarctica and was wondering if any one has had experience flying here and could give me some tips. I have heard of some eratic and random behavior from earlier model Phantoms. Is it too cold? does the gps work? do i have to fly in non gps mode? I am using a...
  11. J

    P3P VS P3A? 4K vs 2.7K?

    Hey guys, long time reader first time poster! So I'm looking to buy a P3 very soon and I have researched each edition of the P3 for over a month or so now. I was set on the P3P due to the 4K camera as I see it as future proofing! I live in Australia so the price difference between the P3P and...
  12. M


    Phantom3 - 4k footage with & without ND8 filter. Shot in my "hood" YouTube <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>