phantom standard

  1. InSpectrum33

    DJI Phantom Three Advanced and Phantom Three Standard

    I have two drones, One is a DJI Phantom 3 Standard and the other is a Phantom 3 Advanced. Both power up etc..... However gimbal and camera is broken on both of them. Looking to seel as the pair. Both have their remotes. Also comes with a total of four batteries, one hard case that stores up to...
  2. Evounit01

    Phantom 3 Standard, Camera and Go App detection going bonkers!

    Hi guys ! I'm a noobie here. I just got my P3S about a week ago and have been experiencing some weird issues with the video connection and DJI Go app. Wondering if anyone else out there have similar issues. I'm on the latest version app and aircraft firmware for Android. When I connect to the...
  3. Kris@DroneCrates

    Drone Crates Phantom 3 Case Updated To Support P3S

    Hi guys we are excited to announce that our DJI Phantom 3 Roller case has been updated to Version 2. This new update allows our Phantom 3 Roller case to now support all (3) Versions of the Phantom 3: Professional Advanced Standard Photos: Foam Plugs Removed: Phantom 3 Standard...