phantom p4

  1. C

    Lost Map View

    Updated firmware/ lost camera contact/ freaked/ hit return to factory settings/everything works but, no more map view, just white space with Chinese writing. How can I get back maps? Has anyone had a problem after returning to factory settings?
  2. J

    Poor video streaming to iPad mini

    I have a Phantom P4. Over the last couple months my video streaming has been terrible. I get green and black screens regularly. It does not matter the distance from me. This was not a problem last year. When I spoke with DJI, they said to make sure I am using the current DJI Go app, that...
  3. eaglegoaltender

    P4 Camera - black/white angle stripes

    Hi everyone - Just went straight up in my backyard with my P4 to grab a photo of a great sunset........... Everything seemed find on my iPad screen then when I got above some trees, the sky shot had black and white angular lines where the sky should be. Everything but the sky shot was fine -...