phantom 4 release

  1. Patrick Ager

    Hello from newbie in Rayleigh UK

    Just ordered today from Apple expecting wings tomorrow - First flight Saturday.... if all goes to plan?!
  2. P

    Overview best vids phantom 4

    Phantom 4 - YouTube Just look here. Have fun.
  3. O

    The Plot Thickens, New Functionality Confirmed for Phantom 4

    Has anyone seen this video yet? It gives a very small glimpse into what looks like new body style. WHOA! - DJI releases march 1st teaser video!
  4. BenjiAlpineP3p

    DJI Releases March 1St Teaser Video!

    DJI unveils what it has in store for 2016 on March 1st (US Time). Allot of the rumor's about the new shell are confirmed with this video. The round openings on the Aircraft body, aswell as new Aircraft vents with metal mesh ( which looks like its made of very high quality ). We are writing and...
  5. H

    Phantom 4 release?

    I've been in the market for a new phantom for a while and am just about to settle on a phantom advanced but saw a couple vids mentioning a possible p4 release in April. I know there's no definite release date or window but was wondering your guys thoughts on the matter. If there's real...