phantom 4 rc

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    RC Phanto 4 Pro on RC Phanton 4

    Hi All. Is it possible to use a Phantom 4 Pro RC on a Phantom 4?
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    Help with phantom 4 controller

    Hello all, I screwed up on while I was trying to install antenna boosters. While I was taking apart the remote control i did it wrong and disconnected the ribbon inside the controller rather than the outside. While i tried to reconnect it, the terminal strip broke clean off! See in the picture...
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    RC connection lost

    How do I handle the problem of losing rc connection when flying my P4? I also have problems of stuttering video sync with the DJI go app. Flashes green horizontal lines and has stuttering buffering issues Do I need to buy a better controller than the one provided?
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    Remote controler is missing. What to do?

    Hello, I just brought from a friend a phantom 4 drone but there isn't any remote controler. What i should buy? Are compatible with phantom 3 pro/advanced and pahntom 4? I can't find for sale RC for phantom 4 even on DJI store. Also it is hard to install new RC to existing drone...