phantom 4 parts

  1. Ibrahim moh

    Phantom 4 Camera sensor error FIXED :)

    "Camera Sensor Error" and "Hardware Malfunction. Contact DJI Support to for repairs". How to fix it !! yu can fix it by yourself. .:sunglasses: (Sorry for my weak language, I'm not very good in English ) so Shown patient :sweatsmile: First i'll tell you what i trying to get the answer...
  2. Nowelly

    Phantom 4 Professional spare parts

    Has anyone managed to find ANY suppliers supplying spare P4 Pro parts yet? There are some notable differences of some basic essentials I have discovered between the P4 and the Pro model (besides the camera and sensors, of course): propeller guards are different, the rotor motors are different...
  3. A

    Phantom 4 - part 52 - board module - where to find?

    I need to buy this part but can't find it anywhere? Can someone help? Thanks a lot