phantom 4 gimbal noise at startup

  1. Krisz

    Phantom 4 weird gimbal motor noise when powering up

    Hello dear Phantom 4 users! My problem is when I turn on my Phantom 4 sometimes the gimbal (maybe the gimbal motor) has scary noises. I have everything updated both the firmware (1.2.503) and the app too I did and IMU calibration but when I powering up the Phantom 4 it sounds like the gimbal...
  2. M

    Phantom 4 gimbal noise at startup

    I guy's and Girl's Wan i power up my DJI phantom 4 i have this little sound at the end. I know that ALOT of person got the same problem! Does some of you have resolve this issue ? If yes How? Do i need to worry about it? This is 2 video that i found (they have many more on youtube) that...