phantom 4 firmware update

  1. Z

    Phantom 4 Firmware update April 2017

    After Phantom 4 firmware update 4/14/2017, my Galaxy Tab 4 now records audio at ground control. It was a surprise as I clicked on Editor and heard myself talking. If this feature was there before, I didn't know. When I export my video footage from my copter microSD to my Mac running El Capitan...
  2. J

    P3 Firmware Firmware update notification app (ios)

    Hey! I have made an app thats sends a notification to you phone when dji releases a new firmware for one off their phantoms. I own 2 phantoms myself and and i searched the appstore for a notification app but did not find any so i made one. This is a simple app that you can download, and in the...
  3. Quadcopterguide

    Phantom 4 Firmware Update Help

    DJI has released the 1.0.0288 firmware for the phantom 4. This update is only available through the Go App as the assistant 2 isn't available for download yet. We have detailed the steps to successfully update the firmware here. Important! The CSC command has changed. It is now left stick...