Apr 11, 2017
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After Phantom 4 firmware update 4/14/2017, my Galaxy Tab 4 now records audio at ground control. It was a surprise as I clicked on Editor and heard myself talking. If this feature was there before, I didn't know. When I export my video footage from my copter microSD to my Mac running El Capitan, it downloaded video as usual with no audio. However, I cannot find a way to download the audio file from my Samsung tablet to Mac. I just found out Android File Transfer doesn't work with El Capitan, so I used an older version Mac Snow Leopard. I found the audio file but it isn't linked to the video. Does anyone know another way to export from tablet to Mac with audio and video in tact? Thank you.
Same happened to me. Turned it off. Button wasen't there before . I upped th app yesterday too.
There has been no firmware update for the phantom 4, in april 2017. Are you confusing it with an app update for dji go 4?
I been trying to find out about the new 'firmware' all day, I found none either.. New app recently though!

You can probably grab the audio file and mix it with the video using VLC. I'd also recommend 'audacity' for messing with the audio should you want to enhance it. Both free :) Look forward to seeing (and hearing) your flights :)

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