phantom 4 controller

  1. JoeCos

    Phantom 4 - GL 300C controller for Sale * * SOLD * * SOLD **

    SOLD * * * * * * SOLD * * * * * SOLD This is the original DJI controller that came with my Phantom 4 that I purchased from NewEgg about year and half ago. This is the GL300C controller - about 1.5yrs old, still in immaculate condition. Kept clean and always stored in my drone bag. I...
  2. J

    phantom 4 controller wanted

    I am looking for a Phantom 4 controller
  3. K

    I have a phantom 4 controller/xmitter that will not sync.

    I have a new transmitter for my phantom 4 (new used) it started out with the charging led problem where once plugged in one led would blink a few times and then it would go dead. Refloated the solder around the relevant connections and it's now charging and behaving like it is supposed to...
  4. M

    Wanted P4P controller

    looking for a new or used P4P controller