phantom 4 battery

  1. F

    Phantom 4 and 4 Pro Battery

    We know that we have to update the battery firmware. We know that battery from Phantom 4 fits on Phantom 4 Pro. My question is: the battery firmware used on Phantom 4 is diferent from firmware used to update Phantom 4 Pro's battery? If so we have to have battery for each on of them separatly...
  2. L

    How to reset battery Capacity Phantom 4 Pro High Cap

    Hi Everyone, Just noticed something the other day with my P4P batteries. I have 2 batteries, both identical 5870 mah high capacity white labels. Recently I noticed the following stats in the DJI GO 4 app. Battery 1: 14 cycles, total capacity = 5908 mah Battery 2: 10 cycles, total capacity =...
  3. Biblekan

    FS:Phantom 4 with ITE-DBS(maxx) mod and more

    Hi, I am looking to upgrade my P4 so this is for sale. Phantom 4 with modded controller(DBS) I am willing to ship at buyer's expense, but definitely negotiable. Thanks for looking, -Kano
  4. Advexure

    FOR SALE: Phantom 4 Batteries (High Capacity & Regular) - Low Cycles

    Selling the following batteries that all have less than 5 cycles on them. [ 4 ] Phantom 4 High Capacity Battery (5870mAh) - $155/each [ 2 ] Phantom 4 Battery (5350mAh) - $110/each Prices listed above include free shipping within the US. PayPal only. PM if interested.
  5. W

    Safe battery disposal

    Hi everyone Am busy with my OP's manual and need to find out, what is the safest way to dispose of any "old" or potentially "damaged" DJI Phantom 4 batteries? I just have the standard charger that comes with the Phantom at purchase, so if anyone out there knows of a system or technique to do...
  6. A

    Phantom 4 in excellent condition - $799

    Had it for 3 months and probably flew for about 10 times. Comes with original packaging. I also have other accessories for sale which I will not need. 1. DJI Phantom 4 (with one extra battery) - $799 Link - Buy Phantom 4 with One Extra Battery | DJI Store 2. P4 battery - $60 Link -...