phantom 4 - accident

  1. J

    Bad luck, bad drone, or bad pilot

    Hi community, I have completed numerous flights with my own, personal drone without incident (phantom 3 advanced) but have at three incidences in not so many flights with my work's drone (phantom 4 professional). This has left me questioning my sanity - do I have bad luck, am I a bad pilot...
  2. S

    Phantom 4 Turned off mid flight

    Just wanted to post my #2 P4 Crash From what I can see, Drone appears to power off in mid flight. Phantom viewer shows some battery anomaly’s , not sure if significant. Battery was in the drone when I recovered it. No burn marks on the battery brass terminals. Not much damage, but concerned...
  3. Pixies Channel.

    Just a few photo's from my Phantom 4

    I have edited a few of these photo's but not all of them, I'm still learning but I do like this Editing thing with Lightroom.
  4. A

    PLEASE HELP! need .log file from P4 controller

    Hi All. I am new to the forum and have a question regarding retrieving .log files from my P4 controller. I had an unfortunate accident where my P4 went into an auto-land mode shortly after take off, while hovering over a river. I was unable to RTH or cancel the auto land and it is now...
  5. E

    My Phantom 4 fell out of the sky above Skogafoss Waterfall in Iceland

    Hey guys on my recent trip to Iceland here was a technical error in my drone and it disconnected random and fell from the sky. My friend was also flying his Mavic Pro when it happened and managed to capture this crazy footage, I uploaded it to YouTube here >
  6. G

    Phantom Pro Drops from sky!

    Unbelievable. My son and I were flying our drone. 14 seconds of flight time. 11 seconds in the air. This is the last notification: 00m 14s 15.1 ft 7 ft 96% Battery at maximum distance Then the propellers went totally dead and it fell from the sky. I was starting a ascent to a higher...
  7. Capitan Bastos

    The Phantom 4 Put me in urgent care

    True story.
  8. M

    Exploring Castle Ruin in Scotland - Cinematic HD

    So on our way back home and we came across a majestic castle ruin east of Scotland, it was the perfect day to fly, no wind and clear sky, so it was time to unleashed the Mavic! the Phantom 4 Pro shortly followed the footstep of Mavic. Do please enjoy this mini cinematic footage shot from above.
  9. Dramface460

    Phantom 4 tramsmitter loses connection can not find drone now

    I can't believe I lost my drone today. I was flying about 1200 feet away and 158 feet in the air. I could see the lights. I received a lost connection aircraft message then the whole app went gray( same when the transmitter is turned off and not connected to the aircraft). This wasn't a big deal...
  10. S

    P4Pro Plus crash in Waypoint mode

    Hi everyone, I just registered on the forum to discuss my first impressions of flights with the Phantom 4 Pro + of which I am the happy poccesseur for 3 weeks, finally happy until I use the mode "Waypoint"! For the first time I wanted to use the mode on 4 points, the drone followed well and...
  11. P

    Phantom 4 - Accident

    Hello I´m from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I was playing with my new Phantom 4 and it fell from sky. I didn´t find any information that could cause this. The Phantom 4 was near me (+- 450m) and without any obstacle. I was flying over water. The flight log is attached. If anyone could help me, i...