phantom 3s

  1. ArgenBrewer

    Calibrate compass in a saline

    I need to ask a question to the most experienced; I will soon have the opportunity to travel to a large expanse of salt mines in my country and it occurred to me that it could be the ideal place to calibrate the compass in an environment absolutely free of electromagnetic interference...
  2. hoanganspk

    Long Exposure with my Phantom 3S

    What's up everybody. Recently I've taken some night photos with my Phantom 3S. Hope everyone enjoy. Any comments will be welcomed. My Album on Flickr: I hope to add friends on Facebook:
  3. F

    Lost signal over water, took a swim.

    Hi, I received my phantom 3 standard yesterday, I was going to fly close to the water and film the beach. I calibrated the compass and had 12 GPS's locked. Out of nowhere, it lost signal and went to ATTI mode. I brought it back, and tried to land it. I was 5 inches above the deck when a wind...
  4. K

    Epic Trip Cape Verde shot with Phantom 3s

    Check out my new vid I made. Do you maybe know what happened @1:34??
  5. G

    my first litchi waypoint video, and first youtube video

    still trying to figure out the correct settings for video on youtube
  6. Huttcraft

    Close Call: Watch that RTH Height!

    Last weekend I was flying my P3S over a beautiful, remote and uninhabited frozen lake. Got some great shots of the rough boreal forest and rugged shoreline before shooting south over the lake at about 25 metres. I was only 650 metres out when the signal dropped. I was watching the map but...
  7. liamchad

    Hello from South London

    Bought a Phantom 3s this week after a year with "toy" quadcopters... Waited for the snow to stop today and ventures out for my first flight. Read all the forums, watched all the tutorials. Updated firmware last night. Flight went perfect. Beginner mode, auto take-off and landing (although...
  8. D

    ARGtek mode or DBS mode with a P3S that has signal lost issue

    Hello... my P3S loosing signal within 40-m after 1.6.8 firmware upgrading.. I wonder what will happen If I use DBS mode or ARGtek in this situation.. if you have tried it.. please tell me the results.. Can we get at least 500m range??
  9. G

    Above the Old Roller Mill (1st video using Phantom 3S)

    It's been windy every day but one since I got my Phantom 3 Standard, but I took advantage of that one good day! I took 4 test flights, and got some usable video from the last two flights. This is from the last flight, but it's the first video I made. It's taken above the Smoky Hill River and...