phantom 3p

  1. W

    Gimbal Roll Motor just shutting off when i move it in max roll Position.

    I have this problem when i roll the motor too much the gimbal just shutting off but when i restart it again the motor is fine but when i roll too much the motor again it just shut off again i already replace the potentiometer in motor driver. what do i need to replace to not have this issue...
  2. embayweather

    DJI Goggles or Something else

    There have been various conflicting reports on the forum(s) about whether DJI goggles are doing the job they should. I need to buy some goggles now that will give a viewer, not the pilot, the best view possible whilst the aircraft is flying. Are the DJI goggles the best choice or should I look...
  3. embayweather

    A Case for A Phantom

    Yes I have done the searches through the forum (fora??), and my online research. However, I have a rather different problem. My disability prevents me from carrying anything either on my back or in my hand. Is anyone aware of a wheeled case that would take my Phantom 3P, that I could pull or...
  4. B

    Peveril Castle, Derbyshire, UK

    Early morning shoot at Peveril Castle in Derbyshire using a x32 ND filter to keep shutter speed at 1/50. Despite using D-log I had difficulty getting shadow detail. I think I will reshoot in cloudy bright or hazy sun to capture more detail in the valley area.