phantom 3 standard camera.

  1. A

    Phantom 3 camera completely dead

    So i was having issues with my gimbal on my Phantom 3 Standard disconnecting while in flight - I could land and then reconnect it and take back off but it would continually disconnect. So, I decided to replace the camera ribbon cable on it, and see if that was the problem. I installed the...
  2. Y

    Camera Tilted and shaky image after crash

    Hi, recently I crashed my Phantom 3 Standard into a tree. The drone withstood a fall from a substantial height and resulted with my camera gimbal becoming bent and destroying my camera picture. Now, my camera produces a shaky image. What do you recommend me doing next to fix my drone?
  3. R

    P3 Standard Camera Bad Batch for me?

    Hi i just bought P3S last monday but had no time to fly it the whole week only today which i noticed the camera is like a 360p quality or something. Here's some of the video i already sent to the store we bought it from. DJI_0005.mp4 Shot at 2.7k 30fps. Kind of weird seeing other P3S vids on...
  4. The Suburban Hippie

    A difference that matters between the Phantom 3 standard, and Pro

    I see drones only as a tool. I do not enjoy flying them. Never did. As one of limited use(you can't fly them anywhere you want to), and one that it very easy to ruin, I thought it wise to not spend a lot of money on one I could care less that the Phantom 3 pro had a12.4mp, and the standard...