phantom 3 remote

  1. X

    Will my phone work with the phantom 3 advanced ?

    Hi I'm sure this has been asked before but I suck at searching for information apparently, I was wondering if you need to have the phone connected by a wire to the controller for the phantom 3 advanced, and if my phone is capable of working with the drone/remote I have a (ZTE Grand X Max 2). I...
  2. hionbusa

    Controller remote with MAX UAV ITELITE RANGE BOOSTER

    Moving to the dji mavic. Makes more sense for my type of flying.. Up for sale is a great condition gl300b remote with MAXX UAV ANTENNA ----- ITELITE - DJI RANGE BOOSTER ITE-DBS02.2 -Works on phantom 3 pro /phantom 3 advanced / phantom 4 . - Remote is GL300B with the maximum range capability...