phantom 3 gimbal dies

  1. J

    Phantom 3 gimbal dead

    i just bought a used Phantom 3 Standard drone, everything works, but the gimbal will not move at all, the camera will link to the app and i can see the image from the camera on my phone, but the gimbal is dead, also the light on the gimbal is a solid red Please help
  2. J

    Phantom 3 advanced camera/gimbal for sale

    got my camera/gimbal for sale on eBay. The p3a was crashed and the motor that holds the camera is damaged and the view is slightly tilted. The camera works fine. Just need a repair on the motor. Phantom 3 Advanced Camera Gimbal Used / Free Shipping
  3. carty87

    Gimbal dies after 10 seconds

    Hi. My phantom 3 gimbal is not responding. It switches on when i boot the quad, does the POST, after 10 seconds it stops working. I also can't see picture on the Dji App during the time it's on. Any known solutions to this problem?