phantom 3 firmware update.

  1. J

    P3 Firmware Firmware update notification app (ios)

    Hey! I have made an app thats sends a notification to you phone when dji releases a new firmware for one off their phantoms. I own 2 phantoms myself and and i searched the appstore for a notification app but did not find any so i made one. This is a simple app that you can download, and in the...
  2. The Suburban Hippie

    FAA just increased the no fly zone around DC from 15 miles to 30 miles

    I will post a video later, but since I just read today that the FAA has increased the no FLy zone around DC from 15 miles, to 30 miles, which grounds about 30 fly clubs, and covers almost all of Southern Maryland, and into Virginia. I get home and check the DJI GO app because I am expecting a...