phantom 3 accessories

  1. B

    Selling P3Pro carbon & tons of extras. LNIB

    Just have zero time to fly is all. I have my own business and that pretty much means I'm married to it constantly. lol. Plus have also lost interest, unfortunately. I think the P3Pro is about 1 1/2 to maybe 2 years old. I went gung ho and bought a ton of accessories when I bought the drone from...
  2. HeadshotDeluxe

    Brand New DJI Phantom 3 Intelligent Batteries For Sale $100 each

    Purchased Batteries to use with a newly purchased P3Pro but jumped on the Phantom 4 deal at Newegg and returned the P3Pro. Batteries are up for grabs. Both Genuine. Serial Numbers on batteries. New here so let me know what other details I can provide. Also have a charger if anyone needs.
  3. Skyer

    Propellers: Life-limited parts?

    Hi there fellow Phantom pilots. In a thread posted by DJI titled "Top Ten Common Mistakes Phantom Pilots Make", they included the following statement: -"We suggest changing propellers every 50 flights, and a set of propellers should not be used for more than 100 flights. If you haven’t used a...
  4. B

    For Sale: Phantom 3 Advance

    Looking to sell my DJI Phantom 3 Advance Bundle. Only a month old and only flown a handful of times. Works perfectly! It is a ton of fun! I am selling because I travel all the time, and it is too bulky to carry for months at a time. What is included is DJI Phantom 3 Advance ( Has Pro Shell on...
  5. J

    Selling accesories flyaway P3

    After losing RC signal my P3 didn't return home but flew away and hasn't been found. Now I have all these extra accessories just lying around and I figured I'd list it in here. I have: - P3 remote with mobile device holder SOLD - 4 brand new props - P3 backpack (...
  6. C

    DJI Phantom 3 Remote Controller

    Like new Phantom 3 remote controller for sale. Destroyed my phantom and upgraded to phantom 4. Less than 3 months old with no signs of visible wear or marks. Always stored in pelican case with properly charged battery. If this post is still up, transmitter is still available. Pictures available...
  7. dynamic3dSolutions

    3D printed part Ideas or Request for your Phantom 3

    If anyone has an idea for a 3D printed part you'd like for your Phantom 3 (that doesn't already exist or does exist but could be improved upon) , I have 15+ Years in design & 10+ in Quality. My prints are among the best around and I love to help out fellow flyers. I have designed & printed many...
  8. S

    Soft Backpack

    Looking for a local store that sales a soft (inside and out) backpack to take on a trip to Europe.... Colorado Springs.... thanks
  9. Joey Shanks

    UFO visual effects

    Hey I'm Joey Shanks and I am new to the forum. Just got a DJI Phantom 3 standard, and I am fairly new to flying drones. I create visual effects for my PBS web series "Shanks FX" and my next episode deals with creating UFO visuals with my new drone. A couple gifs --> Here is link to...
  10. Eric1084

    [CLOSED] Phantom 3 Advanced In Box For Sale - $649

    Hello everyone, Here on sale is a test flown, but brand new Phantom 3 Advanced. Hand delivered by "Enjoy". Tested both by professional, and by myself. Battery cycle shows 3. Propellers never used. It have the newer motor.Will come packaged in original box(Including manuals, and stickers, all...
  11. Eric1084

    [COMPLETE]Brand New Phantom 3 Advanced Charger For Sale - $20

    Hello everyone, I have a spare charger with a P3A I recently bought. Since I already have 2 chargers(One 100W, another 57W), I figured I won't need 3. Basically brand new, came in the box. If anyone need another charger, this should be a great buy. Asking $20 Paypal + Shipping, or $25 with...
  12. R

    Phantom 3 Advanced - Like New + Extra Battery + Many extra accessories

    Phantom 3 Advanced. Used - like new and excellent condition, no accidents, drops, or damage. Used minimally and flown only for recreation. ***Included extra flight battery (2 total)*** ***Installed HDMI adapter on controller*** ***Charger and all original cables*** ***Extra set propellers...
  13. U

    Finally, stickers with a purpose.

    Have a look here at these stickers