#phantom 3

  1. kingfisher555

    Hello from Southeast Michigan

    Hello My Name is Scott king I'm from Southeast Mi 50 miles north of Detroit. I fly a Phantom 3 Pro and a Phantom 3 Standard. I am a Faa certified drone pilot I have been flying for a couple years. I currently just fly for a hobby and enjoy making aerial videos and timelapse.
  2. R

    Gimbal Dance Problem

    I took my Phantom 3 Pro out yesterday, like any usual day. I prepped it and what not, and when i turned it on it did a weird dance as you'll see in the video. I flew out and did a rotation (yaw) a bit quickly, and the gimbal tried to follow it, repositioned with the drone, and went crooked i...
  3. Avocet

    Shoulda, woulda, coulda .. PHANTOM CASE!

    I thought I'd post this here because it can be used by Phantom 4s and 3s. Anyone have or seen one of these. You get what you pay for but every now and then, a bargain comes and kicks you in the arse ... I was a month too late for this ... Aluminum Hard Case Carrying Box for DJI Phantom 4...