phantom 2 vision plus

  1. D

    Hello everybody from New Zealand

    Hi everyone, New to droning and here to ask for assistance? I have a P2V+ and got the dreaded red solid light after a crash and couldnt get phantom into calibrate mode but could control motors while led was red, now I've changed the compass, so can now get it into compass calibrate but now...
  2. Brent10

    SOLD: Phantom 2 Vision Plus 4mm Upgraded GPS module

    SOLD: I have a Phantom 2 Vision Plus 4mm GPS module for sale. It has been upgraded with a 4mm antenna. GPS module DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus upgraded with 4mm patch antenna | eBay
  3. Brent10

    SOLD: Phantom 2 Vision Plus V3 Camera Gimbal

    SOLD: Phantom 2 Vision Plus V3 Camera Gimbal Check out the eBay auction
  4. Brent10

    SOLD: Phantom 2 Vision Plus Controller with Itelite Antenna

  5. Brent10

    Phantom 2 Vision Plus Controller with Itelite Antenna for Sale

    Sold: DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus
  6. leeblynch

    Compass error mid air

    I have had my P2V+ for two years now and have flow over 10 hours of flights with it. I have just replaced almost everything in my Phantom 2 vision plus (I use it for Search and Rescue missions and wanted to make sure it was ready for many more missions), actually all but the wifi module and GPS...
  7. J

    Gimbal shake on fast climb P2V+

    Can anyone help me with a slight gimbal wobble on a fast climb, I've had it from new and never crashed , the gimbal is fine and level and acts normally during start up. See from video footage 1m 25s in Thanks
  8. AndyA

    Wanted: P2V+ internal WiFi module (PVP-03)

    After a forced update earlier this year my video downlink completely broke, I have narrowed it down to a bad WiFi module but don't really feel like spending halv the Phantom's worth buying a new one from the store, just to sell it and upgrade to a P4.. So if anyone has a spare laying around...
  9. T

    Phantom 2 Vision Plus spare parts.

    Time to move out some of my spare Phantom 2 Vision Plus parts. I will pick up the PayPal and shipping fees to the lower 48 states . ALL PART’s ARE NEW AND NEVER INSTALLED 1) Phantom 2 Vision+ Wifi Range Extender RE700 $50.00 2) Phantom 2 Vision+ esc V2.0 Part # 7 $10.00 3) Phantom 2 Vision...
  10. Alayne Heishman

    DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus v 3.0 Make Offer

    Used No camera or gimbal, with the Phantom, (items pictured only) not dinged up at all, no crashes. Purchased new before purchasing another Phantom 2 with camera so not a lot of flight time on battery's or Phantom photos are from 3-09-16 after test flight and then re-boxed COMPLETE WITH...
  11. Drone Quads

    DJI Phantom Vision + Gimbal Camera for Parts or Repair $149

    THIS ITEM HAS BEEN SOLD *** I do have this item listed on eBay as well. CLICK HERE
  12. J

    P2V+ Wifi Dead

    I have two Phantom 2 Vision Plus. One works flawlessly with my iPhone 6. The other is new and I cannot get the wifi to connect to the same iPhone. I have updated all software, charged all batteries, and when turning on the Range Extender the system light blinks green very slowly, about once...