1. M

    P E R U - A short drone and dslr edit of my trip to Peru. Spent months on it

    Would mean the world to me if you checked out the video, left your thoughts and any constructive criticism in the comments. I spent a month in Peru, Colombia and the Dominican republic with my family exploring and recording. Hope you enjoy. (Check out my channel for more) PS. Share it if you...
  2. AirVūz

    Fly Over Salineras de Maras, Peru

    AirVūz Productions stopped by Salineras de Maras during our time in Peru this summer. Check out some of the footage we gathered. Salineras de Maras is located in the Sacred Valley of the Incas, 40 kilometers north of Cuzco. It's known for its salt evaporation ponds which have been in use since...
  3. M

    Need Help... Im flying to Peru, Columbia & Dominican Republic. I dont know what I need from a legal

    Im going on a trip to South America thus flying to the following countries : Peru, Columbia and Dominican Republic. I just had a panic attack when i did a quick search for if by any chance any countries banned them and saw page loads of regulations and whatnots. Im asking here if anyone knows...
  4. Tyler Mason

    Drone rules in Peru and Chile?

    I'm traveling to Peru and Chile in July and was wondering if anyone here has been there recently and knows each country's rules regarding drones. I've seen some conflicting messages both on this forum and a few travel sits, so I was hoping to find out the latest info. It seems like Peru might be...
  5. Ivan Gavancho

    Dji Phantom 2 / Gopro Hero 4 demo

    Pictures taken in Cusco and Arequipa - Perú Setup: Gimbal Tarot Fpv Kumbacam Gopro Hero 4 Silver Phantom 2 with T-Motor, Anti static compass v2