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  1. Lindsaybev

    Can't find LITCHI APP in Google Play store??

    I finally went to buy the Litchi app in Google Play and I only find the one for Phantom 2, one for Magic Leash and one for Osmo. Where do I get the Phantom 4 Basic's Litchi app for a Samsung (Android) phone? I also want to create the way points ahead of time with a PC. Where can I find that...
  2. W

    Fly a phantom from a PC?

    Hello, I have just gotten a phantom 3s and its my first drone(I own other rc's and high tech robotics). The only problem it that the app DJI GO wont launch on my Samsung Tab 3 apparently its a problem allot of people have from the recent update 2.9.0 and I know that it will work on this device...
  3. R

    Advice on building a new editing PC?

    The high end laptop I'm using is just not powerful enough to edit P3Pro and Osmo X3 footage at 1080P 30fps. I currently use Adobe Premiere CS6 and Avid Media Composer 8.4.2 but I'd like to start using Davinci Resolve. Anyone have PC specs recommendations that would allow me to successfully...