pahntom 3 standard

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    Argtek mod... garbage?

    So I ordered the Argtek mod with 10dbi antenna last month. It arrived last week. I wanted to conduct pure range test (no wifi, cell tower interference) so I packed up my P3S and flew to Mexico City. Found an empty field with at least 10km of empty space. I performed the first test with the...
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    What's the difference between Phantom 3 batteries

    Hey there! I'm about to buy a Phantom 3 Standard to make some videos in the wild where i can't charge the battery from a socket. I didn't want to buy a lot of extra batteries because they cost so much so I'm going to buy a car battery and a car charger to recharge the drone a couple of times...
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    I want to downgrade firmware but not able

    I want to downgrade my firmware version on my phantom 3 standard, it has the latest, everytime i try it tells me that there is "no available firmware for downgrade" I have searched on how to find the last firmware version but to no avail, my current version is 1.6.80 The reason i want to...