p4 remote

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    HDMI Board... Desperate for Help

    I'm in dire need of help. I have a P4 and bought the DJI goggles about 6 weeks ago. At the same time I bought the HDMI board upgrade for my P4 remote. I successfully removed the default USB board and installed the new HDMI board. Once I had the HDMI circuit board in and secured (but before...
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    Cannot power down P4 remote

    Hi There Has anyone seen a P4 Pro remote freeze up and not actually power down? I know the drill for switching off the remote, have done it many times, but now it is stuck on, is beeping and has a solid red light on. I thought it would power down from inactivity over night but just up and its...
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    F/S - DJI Phantom 3 ADV / GL300C Remote Control - parting out

    I have a P3A that was crashed less than 2 months old. One of the propellers came off in flight and down she went. .. SOLD Remoter Control Transmitter GL300C (Newest Model). Can also be used with the Phantom 4. $150 obo SOLD .. SOLD Camera & Gimbal. The Yaw arm & Ribbon cable have been...