p4 pro plus

  1. Nowelly

    Phantom 4 Pro video not recording for longer than 3 seconds

    Dear fellow P4 pro/+ pilots... Is anyone having problems getting any video footage recorded? I get my drone in the air, hit record, little to nothing happens then after an indicated 3 seconds, stops recording.... Is there a setting/ configuration I am missing, are these drones very particular...
  2. Arbutus

    Gimbal nodding continuously - help please

    First flight today with a shiny new P4Pro, no problems, shot some footage, landed, changed battery. Now the gimbal pitches from max to min continuously. I cannot seem to find any documentation about this problem on this or other forums. Clearly the camera is useless at the moment ...
  3. UrbanVoyager

    Cases That Fit The Phantom 4 Pro Plus Transmitter w/Screen

    I am thinking about upgraded the the Phantom 4 Pro Plus and haven't found any backpacks or cases that say they are compatible. Has anyone found anything that works yet?