p4 gimbal

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    P4 Gimbal Yaw Problem

    Hello, We are having a problem with P4 camera getting stuck in either left or right side. To start, we are drone and RC shop and repair service, we have sold, fixed and tested anything DJI and many more has to offer. But now we are facing this challenge. The camera is getting stuck to one...
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  4. jdwarren

    P4 Tilted Horizon

    Hey all! I have calibrated the IMU , gimbal, & compass multiple times in attempts to resolve the issue, as that is what people have recommended online. I have also adjusted my gimbal roll in the advanced settings - this only fixed 240 degrees of the horizon but then I will find the final 120...
  5. G

    New P4, Wacky Gimbal Issue

    2 week old P4 purchased new. About 15 fantastic flights. No crashes or hard landings. On two of the flights, the Gimbal has gone bonkers (see short video below). Not mildly out of alignment. Its like its powered off mid flight. As you can see, launched with Gimbal straight down. I think I was...