p4 firmware

  1. WBN3

    P4 Firmware and DJI Go - what's current and stable?

    I am sure this question is a duplicate, so my apologies for asking ... I've been reading through forum posts for quite a while, and I cannot see anything that looks like a consensus opinion on firmware and apps. There are just so many threads, and it doesn't appear that I can narrow down my...
  2. Stevie_UK

    Firmware, Go, and P4

    Due to work and weather I've not flown for probably 2 months now, and that brought me to looking at all the updates that have taken place since then. What's the safest P4 firmware, Controller firmware and Go version I should be using? I'm seeing reports of low range, birds flipping and powering...
  3. B

    P3 Firmware Controller Identity Crisis!!!

    I updated my P3A and batteries to 1.9 and it went smooth as silk. My controller gave me a red triangle and said I had to upgrade the Controller FW. It was still connecting and I had Camera, but it wouldn't power up. It said the FW was already downloaded and ready to install. Now the Controller...