p4 design

  1. M

    Phantom 4 crash "IMU error"

    Hi, I have been in the RC modeling hobby for about 8 years now. Started off with a Raptor 30, then went to a Miniature Aircraft Stratus. Have had my fair share of crashes. I recently bought a Phantom 4, and IT WAS AWESOME. the video was stunning, integration of the entire system was pretty much...
  2. Jussaguy

    How to Take a 2D Vector Image with your P4 and Make it a Sweet 3D printed Logo!

    ***Final Edit - For those that want to just learn how to extract a model from a vector, you can really stop at 13. Its pretty non-sensical after that. Apologies. Just a mess. **I was going to put this in the 3D printer thread but when I realized that the posts would hijack the thread and a lot...
  3. ryantrax

    DJI MIY Competition!

    For those of you that haven't seen DJI is currently having a Phantom 4 design competition. I'm game! Check out more here.