p4 camera

  1. FlashBuddy

    DroneFly Returning Unscratched Camera - Is There a Market?

    My previously crashed P4 is on its way back from DroneFly. They repaired the entire camera/gimbal and explained DJI doesn't make parts available, only whole units. ERGO cost $799.00! OUCH!!! Seems like such a waste. Broken gimbal arm and two torn ribbon cables; camera itself is unscratched. Is...
  2. A

    Image transmission and other problems with my p4

    Hello everyone ! I got my P4 a few weeks ago and during the 9 flights i've already done so far, i saw a lot of problems that "uglify" my experience. First of all, i see green and pink bands on my screen everytime. I saw some threads where people said that my phone was not "good" enough (i'm...
  3. J

    P4 camera switch

    Hi, I would like to ask if I could buy the p4 advanced/Pro camera and switch it with my p4 camera
  4. P

    Phantom 4 from DJI with camera, hover and control problems.

    Hello All, I received a refurbished P4 from DJI on 11/28/16. I have 7 days to request a return/refund. I'm familiar with quads. I have several including a H502s and 501s so I've used GPS also. I have gone thru a few complete tutorials of DJI GO before I tried it out. All the settings...
  5. Stoneman

    Dead Pixels??

    Hey Guys, been taken photos for as long as I can remember both professionally as fine art and later for real estate mostly working with pro gear, Nikon so I have looked at my share if images. I have never seen something quite as bad as this coming out of any camera pro level crappy Walmart...