p4 backpack

  1. B

    Replace P3 DJI Backpack Insert with P4 Insert?

    I really love my DJI hardshell P3 backpack I have for my Phantom 3 Pro, but now have a P4 and want the same one. I am not a fan of the new soft inserts in the DJI P4 backpack. I know there are a lot of after market P4 Harshell backpacks that look like they have the same dimensions as the...
  2. tml4191

    any 5.11 rushbackpacks with phantom 4 inserts f/s...or any p4 backpacks?

    Looking for a 5.11 rush backpack...what's your price? Also, list backpacks here for the p4 if you are looking to sell it.
  3. ryantrax

    New Phantom 4 Backpack

    Have you guys seen the new DJI Phantom 4 backpack? Looks pretty slick IMO Buy Phantom Series - Multifunctional Backpack | DJI Store I like it better than the P3 version.