p4 4k gimbal

  1. B

    P4 and P4P+ Obsidian combo sale

    I have a P4P+ obsidian with 5 batteries and rugged case maybe flown 6 times never crashed. And a P4 with 2 batteries maybe 6 hours of use. I want to sell both as a combo I never use them. Open to offers!
  2. phxbird57

    Trying a Phantom 4 STD in sport mode

    Running a little distance in a Phantom 4 STD in sport mode. Just to see how much battery it does take. wow.
  3. Y

    Picture and video problems p4

    Hello all, Let me introduce myself, my namenis Youssef and I have a Phantom 4. My problem is that when I take picture or video I have a transmission problem. I want to repair or correct this problem. I’ve tried with Pal/NTC, 4K, 2K, 1080, 720, but with all I have the same problems, and it’s...
  4. malebel

    Plethora of Problems

    I have the Phantom 4. I was using it for about an hour yesterday (by switching out batteries as they charged) when I 1) lost camera transmissions, 2) gimbal not working & 3) fails to recognize the SD card. I've tried reformatting cards & tried different ones, uninstalled & reinstalled DJI GO 4...
  5. S

    Is there anyone that can fix an ESC error?

    I crashed my p4 and after the crash it still flew perfectly. The body was damaged so i replaced it, and i (tried) sanding the coating off the motor wires (i spliced them). If there is anyone that I can ship this too, or that can help me please contact me. When I connect the controller it says...
  6. AWD

    Why call Bat Man?

    When you can call "Drone Man"!! For those of you who don't get the "Drone Man" shadow and Bat Man, ask your dad. I was out doing some night ATTI work and with the P4 behind me and just coming up on my back, I caught this shot on the screen. Actually it took several "takes" to get it to come...
  7. A

    Help me with transferring files to iMac

    Okay so I got a question.. when recording a 4k video on my p4 it saves to my phone because of video cache. Right? So if I transfer it to my iMac to edit with iMovie will the resolution be downgraded to what the phone can handle? Or can I use a SD adapter to get full resolution? Just wondering so...
  8. B

    Brushless Gimbal and Digital Stabilization.

    Remember the old camera setup? You know the type: Set on a tripod with a type of negative that you can feed a family of four on. Some die hard folks actually feel that those cameras actually gave the best quality of photos and why not? When you think of the industry pioneers like Ansel Adams...
  9. Jwffvm

    SOLD - For Sale: Phantom 4 plus HDMI board, 5 filters, extra battery & spare props

    This P4 has 6 hours 47minutes on it, no crashes,1 controller, 2 batteries, HDMI board, 1 set / 5 Phantom filters and spare props. Just purchased Inspire 1 Raw and don't need this spare P4 anymore. $1200 OBO.
  10. Panamedia

    Vortex Ring State on P4?

    Has anyone experienced this? It seems to me that a P4 could be immune to this... possibly because of the inboard tilt of the rotors? I have tried MANY times to induce VRS but cannot. I know it was an issue on previous Phantoms.
  11. Ninkasi

    "Limp Gimbal" Motors Are Not Getting Power BUT Camera Works

    Looking for some help with my phantom 4 after a mild crash (hit a tv inside a house). The drone was "non responsive" after the crash and required firmware updates to the drone and RC to get it back working. Now that everything is back up and running, the gimbal is "limp" ; by this I mean you can...
  12. Wolffboy

    Phantom 4 Gimbal Issue

    While flying sideways at about 35mph in sport mode, tracking cars, the gimbal seems to roll to the left twice. Repeated the same behavior on a subsequent shot as well. Phantom is undamaged and no errors appeared. Has anyone else encountered this on the P4?
  13. Hoshnasi

    Gimbal motor separated. >_<

    Hello, I had a crash this weekend which caused the two gimbal arms to seperate at the motor (please see image). How can I fix this assuming that the camera is OK? I'm trying to avoid having to buy a entire camera and gimbal assembly. Thanks!!
  14. Dangerous Dave

    Mini 4 or Samsung's Tab S2 which is better?

    Still trying to figure out which is better for the P4. The Mini 4 or the Samsung's Tab S2. The tablet will be used only for the P4. Suggestions??
  15. A

    Camera/Gimbal cover....

    Hello all.. It makes scene to always use the supplied gimbal/camera clamp cover but honestly i feel i can cause more damage than protection when installing and removing it. Is it just me worrying too much or can i cause damage.... It there an alternative out there? I am having camera glitches...