p3s range problems

  1. W

    new P3S with very limited range

    I have a brand new P3S. The best range I've been able to get is about 500 feet. Is this normal? DJI says it should be out about 1/2 kilometer (about 1550 feet) and I've seen Youtube videos with standard ranges of upwards of 4000 feet (without range extenders). What am I doing wrong? I've...
  2. hexagon

    P3S range problems - CE Mode

    Greetings from Athens Greece. I purchased my P3S about 15 days ago after lots of research and reading. I fly my bird via an LG G3 32GB phone which is more than enough in terms of hardware for smooth video feed, as well as software (Android 5). Upgraded to 1.6.8 right out of the box and after...