1. B

    P3Pro prop noise

    Anyone tried silicone etc to quieten?
  2. D

    weak Remote Controller signal

    Just updated firmware 11.20 to my P3 pro also updated the controller through the DJI Go app. After completion I receive a "weak remote controller signal" with a black screen> any solutions?
  3. embayweather

    HDMI module and update

    imtried to install an HDMI module on my 3pro but three modules and many attempts later it still does not work with the aircraft. No video signal, no app contact with the craft. I sent it to DJI for repair and when returned some four weeks later, tested by DJI and the dealer as well it still does...
  4. TheoGraphics

    SOLD: Phantom 3 Pro, 3 Batteries, Manfrotto Backpack, Filters, etc

    Hey Guys, I'm selling my Phantom 3 Pro, which includes: Phantom 3 Professional in good working order Manfrotto DJI Backpack in like-new condition 3 DJI Intelligent Flight Batteries DJI Battery Charger 6 Propellers DJI Remote Control with tablet clamp USB cable for tablet connection Original box...
  5. Nestmac

    P3Pro Camera not level!!

    Hello everyone, I have a P3Pro that all of the sudden the camera takes sometime to get level, I turn the yaw and the aircraft rotate and the image is not level, after it stops, it takes about 5-6 seconds to get level, maybe I change something in the settings, but I think NOT, this behavior...
  6. embayweather

    HDMI module

    I have tried to install an HDMI module to my 3Pro controller type GL 300 C. First one lasted one flight before it lost contact, the second one has done just the same. Checked all the contacts along the way, all ribbon cables firmly in, but controller still disconnected. Tried it on an Ipad, and...
  7. embayweather

    HDMI module and guarantee

    if I install an HMDI module for my drone, will that affect the guarantee of Care Refresh? I am reluctant to install it u til I am sure. Mike
  8. Johnny kercheval

    Stress cracks on shell below motors

    I was flying today and looked at the motors and noticed a bunch of cracks right below one of the motors on my p3 pro. All of the other motors are fine. Should i send it back to dji for a 8 week wait time or should i do a custom repair job with glue, then order reinforcement plates from amazon...
  9. H


    hey guys ..I purchased my P3pro about a few weeks ago and crashed it on the first day (i know, sucks right smh).. after observing my aircraft after the crash I noticed that the camera and gimbal had been broken and that a few cables had been split also. long story short, I purchased the...
  10. D

    SOLD DJI Phantom 3 Professional P3 Pro 2 batteries, 12 props, range extender - $750

    I have a mint conditional P3 pro for sale. Looking to get $700 for the kit. Comes with extra battery, range extender and Hardshell case from DJI.
  11. MichaeL2727

    MC Data error, IMU won't configure

    So my daughter crashed my p3pro from about 6 ft, shut it off, restarted then firmware update showed up. Did the update and "NO MC data" came on. Went to recalibrate IMU, it got to 40% then said a problem occurred and I needed to restart it. 10 tries later...NOTHING. Any advice besides whacking...

    Remote slow loud beef no connection to copter.

    Hello guys/ladies... I have a problem. I had a perfectly great flying P3 pro... Kept getting a weird notification that would come and go to upgrade RC and MC. Well silly me I clicked update. I now have video feed but no control of gimbal or ANYTHING and the **** thing flashes signal lost...
  13. Colin Fichman

    DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter Drone 4K w/ 3 Batteries, Pro CASE + MORE

    DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter + 4 Batteries + GPC Case ASKING $1400 DJI Phantom 3 Professional Quadcopter Drone 4K w/ 3 Batteries, Pro CASE + MORE Flawless, never crashed, DJI PHANTOM 3 PROFESSIONAL QUADCOPTER. Comes with everything pictured. I am a very experienced DJI pilot and this...
  14. flyboy73

    Videos From Southwest Florida

    Hi, I'm new to drone flying. Started with a P3Pro in January. I'd like to share a couple of videos I'm proud of showing the land and water around Pine Island, near Ft. Myers. It is not very developed and features lots of wild areas, which I have tried to emphasize in the videos. I'll try to put...
  15. A

    High interferance zones

    Hello all, I some questions about high interferance areas. There's a friend that needs a survey about a building in order to make a rehabilitation project. When checking the area, I've noticed that there was a building from our eletricity company. Once I went there with my P3pro to make the...
  16. D

    Thoughts on making the right choice please

    About to upgrade from P2V to P3 but which one would you recommend, Advanced or Professional, the only difference I can see is the 4k camera which unless I'm wrong I have nothing to view this picture quality on, ie iPhone, iPad, etc. Am I missing anything else?
  17. Deep6

    Which Ipad to buy?

    Just got my new P3 pro for Xmas and was disappointed to find I couldn't use my old Ipad with the 30 pin... Currently squinting at my Iphone 6... Before I take the plunge into a new device, I want to make sure I am getting the right one, since I am buying it solely for use with my P3. I...
  18. J

    Phantom 3 Pro, Headplay HD & More for sale

    Well as much as I love my p3p, I just cant justify the cost anymore. Plus I live in Wisconsin and its cold right now and its a pain to fly it until spring so that isn't helping either. Here is what I have: Phantom 3 Pro, purchased on 8/10/2015, never crashed or hard landed 2 batteries DJI hard...
  19. A

    Buy Phantom 3

    Hello all, This is my first post here so I would like to welcome you all. My quest for finding the best deal to buy a Phantom 3 Professional started 2 weeks ago and I still can't decide which one offers the ideal conditions. From stores that don't ship to Europe (I'm from Portugal) from another...