p3 std.

  1. gingerbloke

    (UK £) - Selling P3S Main Board with motors/LED,etc

    DJI Phantom 3 Standard mainboard motherboard Spare Or Repair | eBay UK, based in HR4 (Hereford) if you need to check it out first. Adam
  2. E

    Best Way To Sell DJI Phantom Standard 3?

    I recently purchased a DJI Mavic Air and am ready to part with my Phantom Standard 3 drone, hard case and battery? What is the best way to go about selling it? Here are some photos. Any suggestions are much appreciated...
  3. D

    Random Compass Errors

    Ever since I went on a vacation in Hawaii, I have been unable to calibrate my compass and there is a compass error no matter what. I can't even fly due to these. Earlier, I managed to calibrate but I got an error immediately when I took off. Is this an error with the firmware or the drone itself?
  4. Quick Flight from the Park to Munyon Island... - YouTube

    Quick Flight from the Park to Munyon Island... - YouTube

    Still an armature, but getting better :) Quick flight from the Park, almost to the Island dock but I had maximum distance set to 1320Ft so it didn't quite ma...