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  1. L

    Replacing Phantom 3 4K with Mavic Air?

    Hi all! I've acquired a P3 4K two years ago, and am considering replacing it with a Mavic Air. I've read and watched many reviews on these drones, but I'm still not sure which one has the best video quality. Do you have any thoughts on that? Thanks a lot for your advice! Ludmila
  2. P

    Pegasus Aerial Images Demo Reel - San Diego

  3. R

    Losing Video Mid-flight

    We are trying to get video production going for use in topographic surveying with a Phantom 3 4k unit and have been testing it out using Litchi. For some reason the video keeps shutting down within 5 minutes or less of flight time. We do not lose connection with the drone but I am wondering if...
  4. chrislongley

    Am I reading this wrong?

    Was about to do a firmware update on my P3 4k, it's been a while since I used it. I like to use it with Litchi for short missions and for panoramas with Litchi as well. Are they saying they are going to restrict my flights to 50m distance and 30m high if I lose my connection, my phone crashes...
  5. H

    Are the P3 4k camera and gimbal the same as those on the P3P??

    I've already read significant discussion on this group about upgrading the P3A by using a "4k cam and gimbal and upgrade the P3A's firmware to P3Ps." However, I'm somewhat discomboberated as to the terminology being used. So, please allow me to ask these questions (I abhor wasting good...
  6. J

    Complete P3 Pro Bundle with 4 batteries & Nanuk Case! $850 shipped

    I am selling this entire bundle. Included is a mint condition phantom 3 professional with 4K camera, 4 smart batteries, heavy duty Nanuk waterproof case with custom molding for everything inside, upgraded aluminum iPad mount for controller, authentic DJI tablet hood for controller, removable...
  7. J


    Alright, up for sale is my Phantom 3 pro with a bunch of other great gear to get you flying! I love this P3, and the whole Dji line up, but I just don't have time to fly anymore, I'm building race quads now in days, but if you are looking for a clean P3 that has never been crashed, look no...
  8. B

    DJI Phantom 3 4K Battery Not Charging

    Its been over a week now since my Drone had a minor crash and the battery fell out of it, since then I've been trying to charge my battery but only came of once the same night and then it just wouldn't work. The light just blink when its plugged in. I attached a video to show what i'm talking...
  9. J

    New Pilot in Maryland/Long Island

    Hey guys, JNG here. I just picked up a P3 4K and I'm looking for good places to shoot in Maryland/Long Island, NY.
  10. tml4191

    Looking for a p3s+ for my kid Neighbor $200-300 USD

    Looking for a p3s+ around $200-300USD. Post your best phantom for that price range here. This is for my little neighbor's Christmas gift, so please sell him something legit. Ebay feedback helps too.
  11. S

    Lose signal at 200ft

    I just got my P3 3 days ago and every time I fly I get a "sting interference detected" warning and I tried flying high and I lose signal at about 200ft high
  12. B

    Brushless Gimbal and Digital Stabilization.

    Remember the old camera setup? You know the type: Set on a tripod with a type of negative that you can feed a family of four on. Some die hard folks actually feel that those cameras actually gave the best quality of photos and why not? When you think of the industry pioneers like Ansel Adams...
  13. R

    Where are Flight Modes?

    Brand new P3 4K owner asks: 1) do we have to Calibrate the GPS every flight? yes/no 2) In F mode... where do I find the 5 Intelligent Flight Modes? Cheers for the advise...
  14. B

    P3 4k , P3 Case and batteries

    I am clearing out inventory I have two brand new phantom 3 4k's $580 each, shipped ground in the continental us. I also have 7 brand new p3 batteries: $115 each, shipped ground in the continental us. i also have 6 Microraptor Pro P3 cases... $150 each, shipped ground in the continental us...
  15. BRdroidPilot

    DJI Phantom 3 4k Range Extender

    Hello pilots! I'm glad to be here. I have a P3 4k and I want to extend the range of my Phantom, cause I lost the wifi signal on my mobile and I need more distance to fly . What is the better antenna/system to do that? Itelite DBS02 Antenna System? Does it works properly? I asked DJI support and...
  16. ermanovic

    Phantom 3 New Short Video

    Hi guys, I share my new short video.
  17. A

    Fishing in Brazil (Amazon) - P3 adv

  18. O

    Phantom 3 4K (broken Camera and gimbal) x2 Batteries included

    The phantom 3 flies fine and no damage was sustained to the UAS itself. For sale is the phantom 3, two extra batteries, controller, and two 32gb 4k memory cards, also includes broken camera and gimbal, 500$. I will throw in a phantom 1 that needs an engine replaced (four extra engines included)...
  19. T

    What firmware update is best? And problems with using follow me mode??

    Hi guys, Im pretty new to this site as well as the P34K. I got my drone a few weeks ago. Since then I've be trying to familarise myself with the intelligent modes. Most of them work but when I try use follow me, I get an alert saying I need to update the firmware of my aircraft. From the app...
  20. Duncan Campney

    Home-made sunshade

    While I figure out what commercially made sunshade to buy for my P3 and iPad air, I decided to make one. This design should work fine for any "normal-sized" iPad, and could be adapted to other sizes of tablets quite easily. The results actually work quite well. I used a large corrugated...