1. R

    orthomosaic slicing

    Hi, i have a pretty big orthomosaic from an unknown source. Can it be sliced back to get all thoose aerial images which were stiched to create it.
  2. G


    I'm wondering if anyone would be willing to share PDFs of their safety checklist/SOPs with me? We are in the process of developing ours and I'd like some good examples to work off of. We will mostly be using our P4P for orthomosaics, DSMs, and inspections. Thanks!
  3. F

    Greetings & Salutations from a Part 107 pilot in San Diego, CA

    Hi pilots, I recently passed the part 107 exam and purchased a Phantom 4 Pro for mapping, orthomosaic image collection. Looking for more public places to fly in San Diego to practice. I have many hours of practice on private property, but it seems many of the public places in San Diego are not...
  4. S

    Need help with creating an orthomosaic

    Hi I was recently given the task to create a orthomosaic using our Phantom 4 Pro of a rock outcrop in South Africa for a geological research project. In preparation for this task I downloaded the Precision Flight app and went for a practice session the weekend before. After the flight I...
  5. Kristina Fowler

    Best Ortho Map hosting service

    Greetings - I'm looking for a simple way of uploading Orthomosaic JPG's (500-1,000 images) to an online hosting site so clients can view their maps (free or a modest license cost). Just scratching the surface on this. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I would rather NOT use MME or a service...
  6. M

    Printing Orthomosaics

    I was wondering how people print their orthomosaic images. I am just starting out with Drone Deploy and Pix4D and I would like to print one of my orthomosaic images and was wondering how best to do that.
  7. j.razz1

    Can't find an app for that...

    Pertinent Information: I have an Android Ecosystem I have a Phantom 4 Pro (and a Pro+) I also own an iPod touch that won't update to the current iOS (I have it just for calibrating the Ronin) I am not looking for Drone Deploy, Pix4D, PrecisionFlight, etc. What I am looking for is if there is an...
  8. Kristina Fowler

    Creating 2D ortho mosaic under large covered area

    [Phantom 4 Pro] A client wants to create an ortho mosaic under a very large covered area - approx 500' x 100' (assume altitude 30' AGL). Assume no GPS. How do I create the ortho without the aid of GPS (other than hand-flying and estimating image overlap)? Is this a job for a Ground Control...
  9. N

    Processing Drone Images

    Ok, I've been finding all the post about different software and there's no one with all the software together. It's very difficult to choose a software for processing our images and there are few ones so, I'm trying to test them all to know which one I prefer. So far I know these ones. And I've...
  10. R

    Free photogrammetry/grid pattern generator software for P2V+

    Hello guys. The spring is here, so i need a new free app (not PIX4D) to make more orthomosaic images. Last year, i have bought a used phantom 2 vision plus for $400, and i don't want to upgrade to a phantom 3 for $1500. Until September, DroneDeploy was the perfect free app to make orthomosaic...